Как в sygic ввести координаты gps

Your first step before entering GPS coordinates in the search bar will lead to the clearing of the pre-defined country. Tap the “x” icon at the end of the line to do this. Once done, please enter your GPS coordinates. You can enter them in one of the supported formats:

  • Degrees – 0.0
  • Minutes – 0.0’0
  • Seconds – 0.0’0”

Please note that your preferred formats from the list above need to be set in Menu > Settings > Regional > GPS Coordinates. Once you start entering the longitude coordinate, Sygic will start giving suggestions for your destination. These will of course not be coordinate suggestions, but actual addresses.

Menu Select Settings General Regional GPS Coordinates options

To enter South latitude and West longitude coordinates, you need to either enter the S and W letters before the actual coordinates separated by a space, or by entering the negative (-) sign at the start of the coordinate.You can also copy and paste the coordinates from external sources directly into the search bar.

Select search Clear the search field Search field must be clear Suggestions will start appearing Destination address

Once your input of your destination coordinates is complete, simply tap the play button in the bottom-side panel of the screen. Once you press this button, a route will be calculated and you will enter the Basic Route overview window. You can also discard your input by pressing the “x” icon in the bottom-side panel of the screen, so be careful!

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