Как использовать gps в unturned

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Команды для вызова(если вы админ)
92 — это пример(92 это самолёт)
/vehicle 92 или /vehicle nik/92 или /v 92
Дополнения Unturned
Добавлен гражданский бронежилет. [ID 1168]
Добавлено снаряжение СПЕЦНАЗ. [идентификаторы 1169-1172]
Добавлено импровизированную(Самодельную) броню. [ID 1173]
Добавлен предмет коса. [ID 1174]
Добавлено тухлую кжу. [ID 1175]
Добавлено GPS. [ID 1176]
Добавлено снаряжение водолаза. [идентификаторы 1178-1181]
Добавлено новые портфели. [идентификаторы 1182-1189]
Добавлен режим стрельбы для автомата Eaglefire — пожарной взрыв.
Добавлено новое примечание Монтегю.
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File GPS ID 1176 Rarity Epic Type Map Slots 1 Slots (1×1)
Satellite view of the surrounding area.

The GPS is an Epic Map in Unturned 3. It allows a Player to see a satellite (more detailed) view of the current map they are playing on.

When in a Player’s inventory, that Player will be able to view a satellite view of the map, M by default. Without the GPS, the Player is unable to view the map unless they have a Chart.

The GPS can be found at Military Locations and can be dropped by Military Zombies. On Yukon it has a chance to drop from Mega Zombies.

Craft the GPS Unit, I have tried to keep it lore friendly =D

To craft it you will need

Item ID:- 065 — Wire x 2
Item ID:- 067 — Scrap Metal X 2
Item ID:- 069 — Tape x1
Item ID:- 276 — Flashlight x 1 (For the electrical parts and battery)

I made this mod over 6 months ago, I stoped playing Unturned 5 months ago.
I have no plans to play unturned again, Due to this fact I will not be updating or fixing this or any of my mods.

If you want to use my work and edit, fix, update or even just to base your own mod on then feel free!

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